BE RESPECTFUL                                 BE RESPONSIBLE                                                  BE SAFE
Events and Spirit Days
  • ASB Meeting Dates: Every Friday from 7:45-8:15am in Room 310
  • Valentine's Day Dance was a huge success! Thank you for coming and making it a night we will all remember! <3
  • SPIRIT DAY: 100th Day of School is Wednesday, February 22nd. Come to school dressed like a 100 year old!
ASB Cabinet Members
President: Christian Espericueta
Vice President: Jose Ruvalcaba
Secretary: Belle Cedergreen
Treasurer: Kattherinne Portillo
ASB Advisors
Ms. Kayatta, 6th Grade Teacher
Ms. Araiza, 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Holiday, 6th Grade Teacher
ASB Members
6th Grade

Analuisa Hernandez

Amy Hang

Jocelyn Lopez

Melanie Solis *4th Grade Representative

Litzell Reyes

Ashley Saldana

Andrea Lopez

Bianca Martinez

Kattherinne Portillo *5th Grade Representative

Bruce Hang

Alyssa Sabino *2nd Grade Representative

Belle Cedergreen *7th/8th Grade Representative

Keida Quezada

Sanela Topalovic *Kinder Representative

Jennifer Contreras

Karen Cisneros *Bilingual Representative

Natalie Olmedo


7th and 8th Grade

Deeni Baez

Rosa Aloese

Katherine Escobar

Paris Barrera

Norman Starks

Henry Rodriguez

Kimberly Castrellon (2 years) *3rd Grade Representative

Anna Nguyen (2 years)

Jose Ruvalcaba (2 years) *6th Grade Representative

Shalom Ketema (2 years)

Jasmin Ramirez (2 years) *1st Grade Representative

Matthew Castaneda (2 years)

Jessie Doan (2 years)

Christian Espericueta (2 years)