Leadership Team

A message from the Leadership Team


Dear Darnall Families,

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year at Darnall Charter School! We look forward to working very closely with all of our students in thinking critically, solving real-world problems, and improving math and reading abilities. We are excited to offer our students a well balanced academic program in tandem with the arts. Making sure our students eat healthy, exercise properly, and have access to art supplies and instruments remains a top priority.


As a school, it is important to give parents information regarding special events, meetings, and exactly what is served for lunch. All of this important information can be accessed via our website at darnallcharter.org. We will also post special events and important information on our Facebook page which can be accessed at the bottom of the page on the Darnall Charter School homepage.


Students’ first day of school is Monday, August 26, 2019. Breakfast is served at 8:00 am and school begins promptly at 8:25am. Regular office hours are from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm Monday through Friday. Students should not arrive earlier than 8 am unless enrolled in the SAY program. When picking up/dropping off students in front of the school, please follow all posted signs for loading zones, drive slowly, and make sure to follow our student safety patrol directions in front of school as they allow pedestrians to cross. We appreciate your efforts in making Darnall Charter School a safe place for all.


All Darnall Charter School students have access to a technological device such as a Chromebook or an iPad. Information on proper use, rules, and responsibilities are located in the parent handbook. A permission slip needs to be signed prior to accessing the equipment. Our school dress code is outlined in the parent handbook. It is important to follow the dress code as it creates equality amongst all of our students. The Darnall Charter School staff thanks you in advance for ensuring all student are dressed in the school uniform unless it is a designated “free dress” day.


Darnall Charter School always welcomes and needs parent volunteers on field trips, during special events, and in the classroom. If interested in a volunteer opportunity please contact Ms. Hilda Parra (hparra@darnallcharter.org) or Mrs. Carol Hill (chill@darnallcharter.org). Please also consider becoming a member of our parent group. We are excited about the new year and look forward to working closely with all of our families!


In closing, please pass on a small tip to your child/children from the staff: Start making the gradual move to get to bed earlier and waking up earlier to avoid the sudden shock of starting school early. We promise that all of us at Darnall Charter School will do everything in our power to make our year of learning together valuable. On behalf of the entire staff, we look forward to supporting our students in their learning and making the educational journey a success.



The DCS Leadership Team


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is on the Leadership Team and what are their primary responsibilities?

Consuelo Manriquez - Instruction, Communications and Operations

Angie Fisher - Programs and Assessment

Tim Simmons - Finance and Technology



Who is the primary contact for questions, complaints or concerns?

Consuelo Manriquez is the primary contact for parents.


Is there a Principal or Director?

No, the Leadership Team shares responsibility for all administrative duties required to run the school.


What is a Leadership Team?

The team members share responsibilities and work together to ensure that the school maintains its focus on student achievement.  This administrative model is based on the principles of distributed leadership.


Why does Darnall have a Leadership Team?

Our charter recognizes the value of collaboration for all members of the school community. The leadership team approach to decision making ensures thoughtful consideration of all possibilities and strategic alignment of resources.


More information:

Building a New Structure for School Leadership - Elmore.pdf

Distributed Leadership Basics.pdf





Preguntas Hechas Frecuentemente


¿Quién está en el Equipo de Liderazgo y cuáles son sus principales responsabilidades?

Consuelo Manriquez - Comunicaciones y  Operaciones

Angie Fisher - Programas y Evaluaciones

Tim Simmons - Tecnología y Finanzas


¿Quién es el contacto principal para preguntas, quejas o preocupaciones?

Consuelo Manriquez es el primer contacto para los padres de familia.


¿Hay un Director?

No, el Equipo de Liderazgo comparte la responsabilidad de todas las funciones administrativas necesarias para organizar la escuela.


¿Qué es un Equipo de Liderazgo?

Los miembros del equipo comparten responsabilidades y trabajan juntos para asegurarse que la escuela se mantenga enfocada en el logro académico de los alumnos. Este modelo administrativo se basa en los principios de liderazgo distribuido.


¿Por qué Darnall tiene un Equipo de Liderazgo?

Nuestro charter reconoce el valor de la colaboración para todos los miembros de la comunidad escolar.  El método del equipo de liderazgo al tomar una decisión asegura que se haga con una atenta consideración de todas las posibilidades y alineamiento estratégico de los recursos.